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Web Developer

Over the last nine years, my primary focus has been on ColdFusion development. ColdFusion, used alone, is server side.

More and more, that focus has moved to client side code using jQuery, AJAX, JSON and serving data through ColdFusion web services in CF Components.

I've also worked some contract work which was more server side oriented and not using ColdFusion. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS and web services make web applications more responsive, consume less bandwidth and more pleasant for the users.

UI/UX Developer

Throughout my career but moreso when building web sites and applications, I have focused on usability and user experience. A user interface that is not easy to use will go unused by all but those who absolutely have to use it. Too many developers build interfaces suitable for engineers, not normal users.

BootStrap, Foundation and most other framworks have a facility to highlight the active field in a form, making the form easier to navigate. Adding tab order to form fields make navigation more intuitive.

Writing accessibility into the site from the start makes it a reflex rather than an afterthought.


During my 35 years as a developer, I have learned and relearned the technology more times than I can count. Starting out as a BAL/COBOL programmer at Xerox Direct Marketing, a stint as an independent consultant, where I learned I was a far better developer than I was a businessman, working for EDS and subsequently businesses large and small, I have gone on to C/C++, VisualBasic, Java and ColdFusion (Versions 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11) and now training for full-stack JavaScript with TypeScript, ES6, ReactJS, AngularJS, Angular 2, NodeJS and MongoDB.

One of the nice things about ColdFusion is that you can build components that expose services and RESTFul services that any other process can use. One of the projects I worked on at KCP&L included a table driven menuing system, maintained in an AngularJS web application.